Is blockchain a hype?

What is really blockchain? And is blockchain really a technological disruption to the financial industry? People are now even talking about the applications across other industries.

I am baffled when a proportion of the MIT students use the ‘blockchain’ word so eloquently in their daily conversations.

I for now, haven’t fully understood what the hype is all about. But, if it is just a hype, why are there many big players ramping up their investments in blockchain for their business use? And why are there many investors especially venture capitalist increasingly throwing money to the companies running blockchain? Are there just talks but no real implementation? At the end of the day, execution is key.

I’ve seen students exploring entrepreneurship with ideas of using the blockchain technology. But often times, when asked to explain about the technology, they couldn’t.

I’m starting to feel that it’s merely a hype although if implemented well, it can be a real deal. The next revolution.

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