My 2nd post

I am still inspired by Fred Wilson. There are more than 50 blogs by VCs but I have not seen any other VCs who blogs every single day, without fail. Hence, I am here today, wanting to write something just to make sure I keep the momentum going.

I don’t think I have anything specific to write about today. But I thought I want to share what I have learned from writing my first post. It is honestly deliberating to read through again and it helped me understand and remember the subject better. I even felt more comfortable talking about it with other people. For this reason also, I will make sure that I continue to blog, just one post a day.

The more I know Fred (through reading his blog), the more I am inspired by him. And what a coincidence that I have received an email yesterday that he will be coming to MIT to give a talk. Of course I will go!

Today is also the first day of orientation week for the next batch of Sloan Fellows. I remember vividly how excited my husband and I were when we came for the orientation (albeit tired because we were jet-lagged!). Just imagine, going to classes and looking out, you can see the beautiful skyline and skyscrapers over Charles River. We thought, we are going to have such an amazing year and we certainly did. I will repeat myself 1000 times if I have to, but it has been the most memorable one-year experience I have had with my husband. We both had the time to ourselves more and the best part is we got to see over 30 states of America (definitely more than average of what Americans have been to even!). So for me, I definitely gained a lot personally and professionally. I will share some if not all of our experiences here and what I have learned from being a student at MIT. I will not promise when, but I hope I will be able to.

For now, I just wanted to say, how time flies! We are welcoming the new fellows and sharing our experiences which included frightening them about how intense the summer would be. But even so, I wish I could re-live my last summer. It was definitely one of the best!

Till my next post, which is tomorrow.

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